Thursday, January 24, 2019

....and so time, and life go on...

My life since Sept 22, 2012....

Wow, it's been a very LONG time since my last post!! 
To those who've followed my blog, I thank you for your patience and understanding! 

I've done my best to recall 'the past' and as hard as it can be to do so, it also has a strange way of bringing "comfort" to me because it allows me to remember precious moments spent with Isabelle. Memories are all I have of her, and I never want to forget those memories, no matter how difficult they are or can be. 

My last blog entry was about our SHOCK and how life unraveled that day, the day of Sept 22, 2012 when our sweet Isabelle Grace passed away in our arms. 

Once we got back to Kokomo, the inevitable had to faced: Going to the funeral home! 
A day I will never forget, yet another memory etched into my brain. Hours spent, making choices and decisions that were too surreal, I couldn't believe we were even sitting in this room, looking through a catalog for a casket, making choices on burial or cremation, urns... it was all so overwhelming. The staff was beyond exceptional, and extremely patient! 

However, before all that occurred, Adam and I spent an entire day in Indianapolis trying to find the PERFECT dress for our angel! We scoured every shop we could think of in the mall! Everything we looked at just didn't FEEL right, it was too poofy or too wedding attire looking or just the wrong look all together... nothing was jumping out to me like, ohh THIS is the one! Of course, nothing would because I should not be having to shop for my daughters burial dress!! Adam found one in the Carter's store, which I liked, but I wanted to keep looking.. just incase we saw something we liked more. Then again, "keep looking" could be translated into, 'I am not ready to commit to this moment'.
We went into a store in the mall and came across a clothing line called "Isobelle and Chloe", I couldn't believe it! It was perfect... at least the names were close.. but the dress was WAY too much material for my small baby girl and it would have over powered her small frame! So, we kept looking.  We ended up in JCPenny's and came across the CUTEST pair of Okie Dokie PINK "suede" ankle boots.  That was it ... we HAD to have them for her and so there it was, the decision was made by a pair of pink boots and we went BACK to Carter's to get the PERFECT dress which matched the perfect shoes and the perfect pink bow headband and cream tights!! It was perfect, she is perfect, she will be my perfect, beautiful, adorable angel!
That's all I can blog for now.... 
a lot of emotional memories .... gotta take a bit for myself. 
Much love to you all! 

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