Sunday, November 18, 2012

Doctor Visits!

Doctors, Doctors, Doctors.
It's been a LONG time since my last post, so I will do my best to recall from memory what all has transpired, but it will more than likely take place over several different posts. Thanks for your understanding and patience. 

Since our last visit to Mott's on Aug. 9th we had been to doctor appointments every week, sometimes twice in one week or twice in one day! It felt like that was all I was doing! 
I went every Thursday to the cardiologist to have Izzy's heart looked at to monitor her heart rhythm as suggested by Dr. Van der Velde.  So after our scan, we would meet with Dr. Kumbar and she would discuss the findings of the scan with us.  Each time we sat there waiting... it felt like an eternity, making us more anxious by the second.  We feared that she would walk in and tell us that we needed to go back to Michigan NOW to prepare for Izzy's delivery OR she would tell us we had to deliver in Evansville NOW.  
We were afraid that Izzy's heart rhythm on the bottom chamber was lower than 60-65 bpm but with each visit Dr. Kumbar would tell us that the rhythm was remaining pretty consistent and there showed no signs of fluid building up around her heart. AHHH... big sigh of relief!   
It was our last visit with Dr. Kumbar on Sept. 6th, that we felt more pressure.  Izzy's heart rate/rhythm was still like it was before but she said she wouldn't be surprised if, upon our next visit to Michigan on Sept. 13th, that they would just keep me there, monitor Izzy and if needed go ahead and deliver her.  So we might want to prepare for that accordingly. Dr. Kumbar was concerned enough to make her feel like I wouldn't make it to my due date. This is something Adam and I had talked about and were concerned about and discussed how we felt about it if Michigan actually did keep me.  I was concerned because if that were the case, I would only be 35 weeks along.  I worried about Isabelle's lungs being ready for that.
I was also going for another ultrasound appointment at my high risk OB doctor on the same day, Sept. 6th.  It was here I told them about this horrible itchy sensation I was having ALL OVER my body.  I never showed signs of a rash.  I told them it felt like I was wearing a full body suit made of wool and lotion was not helping... oh I was so miserable.  It got worse at night when I was going to bed, I felt like I was loosing my mind.  They ordered a blood test on me to check that my liver function and bile acids were what they needed to be.  Sometimes this condition known as Cholestasis can increase risk for fetal distress, preterm birth or stillbirth.  With this, Dr. Turnquest ordered that I come in once a week to have a Biophysical Profile (BPP) study done on Isabelle.  With this test, they monitor a baby's movement, baby's breathing and tone as well as the amniotic fluid volume.  Each gets evaluated within a 30 minute period during and ultrasound and scored. If you get a score of 8/8 then everything is normal.  Scores below 6 may indicate the baby is in distress and needs further intervention and possible delivery. 

I had my first BPP study done the following Monday (Sept. 10th).  Adam was a work, so I flew solo with Chloe.  Thank goodness for Daddy's iPod downloaded with Bubble Guppies... it kept Chloe entertained the whole time otherwise, that visit or any future "solo" visits could be quite ugly!  I was told that my blood results came back normal, which surprised me AND the ultrasound technician.  We both thought they would find something elevated causing my itching.... but this wasn't the case.  So it's a mystery why I was so itchy!  So I laid back for my ultrasound as they study Isabelle's movements and such.  ALL GOOD.. she was kicking and moving and breathing just fine and everything looks good! She passed her test, the technician said, with flying colors! THANK GOD... finally something GOOD from a doctor visit!

Now we prepare for our visit to Mott's for our last round of check-ups.  
The nerves are on high alert! 
Will they keep me or send me home? 

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